Audition Tour in Canada and the US
Professional Training. Professional Jobs.
Join our audition tour across Canada and in the US starting in November 2013 through to April 2014.
We invite you to explore how YOU can BELONG, ENGAGE, INSPIRE and HONOUR.
BELONG - Corporate Engagement - Individual Inspiration - Volunteer Contribution
En Tour & in Your Community
The Artists EN Tour and/or Artists In Your Community is an innovative dance outreach initiative that takes ballet on the road. Our Artists travel to communities across Alberta where the beauty and artistry of ballet is shared with audiences.

Imagine children working with children, sharing experiences and fun where everyone learns together. The Artists EN Tour & In Your Community program is designed with these goals in mind.
Dance Classes Calgary
The School of Alberta Ballet offers classes for everyone from preschoolers and adult beginners, right up to full time pre-professional student dancers. You can find us at our studios in downtown Calgary.
Professional Dance Classes Calgary Dance Classes Calgary